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Is your Mac running slow? Our Teqs can help you speed up Mac computers used in your business.

Macs are popular with freelancers and small businesses because of their ease of use, setup, and long lifespan. Many creative freelancers such as graphic designers, writers, and digital marketing professionals depend on Macs to support resource intensive applications such as Adobe Creative Suite for their creative deliverables. Other businesses rely upon Macs to provide point of sale (POS), inventory, and bookkeeping functions with cloud hosted or natively installed software. A slow mac can impact a freelancer’s business by causing missed deadlines and lost time spent on troubleshooting instead of supporting clients. Slow Macs can bring a retail small business by making the processing of transactions, inventory, and bookkeeping functions difficult.

Common problems with MacBook Pro and iMac desktop computers include too many programs set to run on startup, outdated Mac OS software, unnecessary applications installed, and running low on disk space. Mac OS is regularly updated by Apple with free updates that can be downloaded and installed to your computer which can fix software issues and speed up your Mac. Cleaning up your Mac by removing unnecessary applications and files can free up resources to be used by the applications you use most.

A good Mac computer technician can perform an assessment of your Mac to speed up your Mac and get your business running more efficiently. Enter your address and a date below, and we’ll show you a list of computer techs near you that can provide IT consultant services for your Mac.

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