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Wi-Fi Router Troubleshooting and Installation

Most small businesses rely on a basic WiFi router to provide Internet connectivity for their essential systems including laptops, tablets, and point of sale (POS) systems as well as to provide guest Internet access for their customers. When this WiFi router is not working correctly, your business may not be able to complete a sale, accept a credit card, or take an order, which means lost revenues and valuable time spent trying to troubleshoot and fix the issue. When guests see a WiFi authentication error or have problems, connecting to the Internet, they may be frustrated, leave a negative review, or may not return to your business.

In addition to problems that arise when a WiFi router is not working or with problems connecting to the Internet, it is essential to secure your WiFi router properly and separate guest traffic from business traffic. WiFi routers that aren’t properly secured create security vulnerabilities that could lead to valuable business information being stolen, customer data breaches, and network problems that can slow the operation of your business.

A properly configured WiFi router will provide fast, secure Internet access for all of the devices you use to run your business and will be free of problems connecting to the Internet. Your business will run more smoothly because you won’t have problems connecting to the Internet. Our Teqs will install and configure your WiFi router correctly to prevent problems connecting to the Internet and to your network resources by performing the following functions:

• Connect your WiFi router to the Internet modem provided by your service provider if applicable
• Walk your business site and determine the best location to place your WiFi router, noting areas at your site that are not able to receive the best coverage
• Configure your router to connect to the Internet and provide secure WiFi access to the devices used by your business
• If supported, enable a separate guest network to connect guests to your site to the Internet.

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