Become an Independent IT Contractor

HelpTeq is an online platform that lets you start your own computer and network installation and repair business without having to pay for a storefront, find and attract customers, or bill and collect from customers after providing services. With HelpTeq, you are your own boss and set your own schedule, services, and pricing. HelpTeq promotes your services to local small and medium business customers in need of IT support and services such as computer repair, network troubleshooting and installation, printer installation and troubleshooting, and virus removal. For more complex jobs, customers describe their needs by creating a custom job request in our platform, which is routed to the Teq for a quote.

If you are selected for a job, you will get an email requesting your confirmation. After performing the work, both you and your customer will mark the job complete, and you will get paid, minus a small commission. No more invoices, emails, and calls to get paid, which means you can move on to the next job.

How to Become a Teq

Step 1: Register For Our Platform

IT computer and network technician helping a business customer with Mac repair

The first step in starting your own business IT services business with HelpTeq is to register for our platform. We'll need basic information from you like your name, email, address, and phone number. Your contact info will be used to used to determine your location so we can promote your services to businesses in your area. Don't worry, we don't sell your information to anyone, and we only share it with customers in accordance with our privacy policy.

For a limited time, it's free to register for our platform. Click below to get started.

Get Started

Step 2: Complete A Background Check (Optional)

While not required to be listed on our platform, successfully completing a criminal background check gives your customers peace of mind. Teqs that successfully complete the background check appear first in search results and are noted with a special icon by their listing. A one-time fee of $ 24.50 is paid by credit card to begin the background check process. You may check the status of the background check at any time by logging in and going to the My Account page. Click here to learn more about our background check process.

Step 3: Set Your Pricing and Review Job Requests

To be listed in search results, you'll need to set your pricing for the standard services. The pricing you set is the pricing the customer pays, and you will be paid that price, minus our commission, once the job is complete. We take care of billing the customer and accepting payment on your behalf so you can move on to the next job.

Why become a Teq?

Flexible Schedule

Make money installing and troubleshooting computers, Wi-Fi networks, routers, and printers before or after work or full time. Need to attend your kids' recital? No problem! There’s no set hours, and no boss.

Name Your Price

HelpTeq lets you set your own price for each service, letting you determine how much you get paid. The price you set is paid to you minus a small fee after you and the customer mark the job complete.

Find New Customers

Let HelpTeq help you find and retain customers for your IT services business. You get your own page to promote the sevices you offer and pricing and appear in searches for IT services done by local businesses.

Billing and Collection

Spend more time getting paid for doing what you love and let HelpTeq handle the billing and collections. We bill your customer’s credit card once the job is complete, and we send payment to your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s FREE to become a Teq! Each Teq must undergo a criminal background check, complete an online application, and provide either a checking account number or debit card number to be paid for their work.

HelpTeq receives a commission of 20% of each job, which allows it to market your services to small and medium business customers in your area and bill and collect from customers after job completion. The price you set in your profile for each service minus this fee will be paid to you when both you and the customer mark the job complete.

Customers have 48 hours to mark the job complete or open a ticket to indicate a problem. If neither happen, the job will automatically be marked complete.