Moonlighting as an IT Technician: How to Start a Computer Repair Services Business


Repair computers and provide IT consultant services to earn extra money 

Are you searching for IT support jobs or working in IT as an IT support specialist and looking to earn extra money after work? Have you considered starting your own business to repair computers but not sure how to find and bill customers? Whether you want to earn income in IT as a side hustle or looking for contract IT support jobs, there are a few considerations to take into account before you begin.

Which Computer Repairs and IT Consultant Services To Offer?

There are lots of opportunities for IT support specialist work, and it's important to consider your strengths. For example, the IT needs of freelancers and small businesses include desktop support, such as troubleshooting problems connecting to the Internet and fixing a slow laptop.  Additional areas where an IT support specialist can provide services to freelancers and small businesses include email troubleshooting, printer installation or fixing a printer that won't connect, malware removal services, WiFi troubleshooting, and firewall configuration. If you work full time as a network engineer and are looking to supplement your income by taking on extra work after hours, then you might consider making yourself available for router, firewall, or Wi-Fi jobs. However, if you are working as an IT technician, you might consider advertising your availability to remove malware and viruses or resolve email issues.

How to Start A Tech Repairs or IT Consultant Services Business

Starting your own IT services business or side hustle also involves finding customers and negotiating pricing and terms for the services you offer, and for some, selling tech repair services can be intimidating. There are many sites where you can post your availability for outside work or find contract IT support jobs, including Craigslist and Indeed, however, with any of these options, you will still need to negotiate the pricing and terms of each job with the customer. Many freelance IT technicians get started by advertising on a website and then build business through referrals and reviews. Many also provide a written estimate with terms before each job begins. By communicating clearly with your customer, both you and your customer will be more satisfied afterwards. 

Billing and Collecting From Customers

Most businesses hiring IT support specialists and IT technicians for tech repairs prefer to be invoiced for each job and pay after the invoice is received. This involves creating invoices and collecting payment. Tools such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and Stripe can make this easier, but it still requires time spent to learn and use each system. If you accept credit cards, then you will pay a fee for each transaction. If a business does not pay for the services you provide, you will have to consider what steps, if any, you will take to collect payment. Collection agencies and attorneys may be helpful, depending on the terms you establish with your customer and the size of the job.

Earn Income as an IT Technician 

If you're a talented, driven IT support professional looking for work on the side or thinking about starting your own computer repair services business, HelpTeq offers a simplified approach to finding, billing, and collecting from customers in need of IT services. By registering as a Teq on HelpTeq, your services will be promoted to local businesses searching for help with everyday technology needs. You set your own pricing and hours, and HelpTeq connects you with customers, handles the billing and invoicing, and pays you after each job is complete, minus a small commission. Becoming a Teq is easy and only takes a few minutes.

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